To pause the merry-go-round

Do you know that feeling when you get stuck trying to sort out problems in your mind. You circle round and round and round until your head buzzes, all the while you frantically search for the sign reading “EXIT” or “This way out” and finding none. At some point, after deciding enough is enough, you may grant yourself a break from the endless merry-go-round or get momentarily distracted by some other aspect of life. It is often then and as if by magic, the answer pops into your head. Ahh, so that’s where the exit is.

merry go round

The sign was probably hanging there all along, but in our effort to sort things out, we miss it. We so often want to – and believe we should be able to – find all answers consciously, and so often it is exactly when we let go of the conscious thinking that the answer presents itself. It still comes from inside us, just not from the part of the brain that always wants to be in control and logic and rational.

Perhaps it would be really useful to hit the merry go round pause button much earlier on. May be easier said than done, but worth practising, I would say. What do you think?


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