Metaphors that move

I know. I know. I have said it before. Metaphors are great. Just a few words, often simple words, allow us to encapsulate and share a story with countless sensations. A bit like a painting created with one stroke of a brush or an entire piece of music captured in just one note.

So when a coaching client told me it felt as if her heart was covered in barbed wire, how it looked prickly, no longer a true colour of red, no longer able to beat properly – it took my breath away. One brush stroke and you get the painting. You get a sense of what it must be like, what it must be like to feel like that. Feel as if your heart is covered in barbed wire. And that is how your breath gets caught.


As we moved forward over the weeks, I had the joy of watching this person take more and more brave steps, venture outside her comfort zone, build courage, grow motivation and determination. It is always, ALWAYS a privilege. And when last week, during our fourth session together, she gently states, in a voice much lighter, that it feels as if at least… at least half her heart is now healthy, is beating strong and is barbed wire free…….and you get a sense of what it must be like, what it must feel like, to have at least half a heart beating strong, beating barbed wire free. Well, that is how metaphors move you. Really and truly move you. And I don’t think I will ever stop admiring them. Metaphors that move. And women taking brave steps.

{This account is of course shared with permission}


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