{This blog:}

I would like it to inspire you to think about what you want for yourself and how you want to live. I want to demonstrate that you, I, we have choices. All day and every day.

I have chosen a rather down-to-earth metaphor to get my point across. A simple wheelbarrow. From now on be in charge of your wheelbarrow and what you put in it, the only suggestion I have is that the content in some way makes your life richer, easier, better, funnier, simpler or more enjoyable.

{Bonnie Rasmussen:}

40-year old mum to two lovely kiddo’s. Danish, but living in UK for 10 years now. Used to work for BIG companies in the exciting area of marketing and branding. Now working for my own TINY life coaching company, running workshops, seminars and providing life coaching, assisting people from all walks of life in getting clear about what really matters to them and how and who they really want to be. I absolutely love what I do, and am now (this was not always the case) enjoying creating MY wheelbarrows as part of my personal journey.

This blog is about “stuff” that is close to my heart. It is about choices, about the things I want in my wheelbarrow, thoughts about life and coaching tools I apply both at work and for myself.

If you want to know more about Life Coaching or my company RISE (which stands for respect, inspire, stretch and empower) you will find it here www.riseatwork.com. You can also reach me by writing to br@riseatwork.com


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Bonnie. Thanks for your recent follow of my blog. Your use of a simple device like a wheelbarrow is interesting – I can certainly relate it to myself and how easy it is to feel my wheelbarrow with things better tipped out! One of my favourite stories is the one about whether a jar full of stones can fit any marbles / sand / beer in it. A very good one to keep in mind alongside my wheelbarrow :). All the best for 2013.

  2. Hi Bonnie, Thank you for following Find the Details:I hope you continue to enjoy the posts there on interiors / design, etc…. It was lovely to come by and visit your blog; very inspiring! Take care for now, Jx

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