About simple decisions and head space

To have pancakes or rice and beans with scrambled egg for breakfast. To swim or not to swim. To wear your raincoat or not. That approximately sums up the number and complexity of the decisions we had to make on an average day while on holiday. That, I promise you, leaves a whole lot of head space free to do other things with. Like pay attention to the people around you and the nuances of your surroundings. Or to deal with the overload of amazing sensations that naturally follows being in a place so very different from your own.butterflies

It also provides you with an opportunity to reflect more. On how you live day by day, the values that drive your choices and actions, the way you choose to bring up your children. And many other BIG topics that seldom get the chance to surface properly in the flurry of daily life. I treasured that time for reflection and love how a lot of pondering is now on-going. Quietly. In the back of my mind. With whatever head space not otherwise occupied by to-do lists and decision making.butterfly

“To wear a raincoat or not” is straightforward on a day like today. I guess that in itself, really, is to be valued. Simple decisions means more head space on a wet Tuesday afternoon. The question we should perhaps ask ourselves therefore is if we can do something to simplify our daily decisions – make them more straightforward. What do you think? How could you make your decision making simpler? And how much head space would you then have available for reflection? Or a book. Or a conversation. Or nuances. Or perhaps even butterfly studying….?