#24 Let it be good enough

So you may not be as ready for Christmas as you hoped, you may not have baked as many mince pies as you planned, not been as creative in your gift wrapping as you wished, the house may not be as tidy, the wine not as sophisticated, the tree not as straight, the kids not behaving as angellic as you would have preferred.


But never mind all of that. Tell yourself “it is good enough”. Enjoy your Christmas and just let it all be GOOD ENOUGH.

Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas and also want to say a big welcome to new readers. I hope you have enjoyed the advent calendar.


# 23 Choose gratefulness

I wonder how Christmas would be different this year if we were to view it only through a filter of gratefulness. A filter where we would need to tune our minds fully in to what we have to be grateful for in our lives this Christmas, on this particular day, this particular moment.


How would it be different if from the break of dawn until the stars come out at night we simply brush away any negative thoughts like invisible specks of dust on padded shoulders? Brush them away by choosing our filter. We all have so much to be grateful for. If only we look. This Christmas, on this particular day, at this particular moment.

#22 Be captivated

If you think about it, it is pretty incomprehensible. Images are evoked of solitary souls with piles of notebooks, old fashioned typewriters and pencils chewed scratching their heads while gulping down mugs of cold coffee and living only of stale crackers for months or even years on end. It is the process of writing books I find incomprehensible and the sheer amount of books and stories that are written and available for us to disappear into.

inspiredReading snippets, stroking covers, flicking pages, hour after hour evaporate into thin air in libraries and bookshops. Selecting a pile for little ones as well as big ones especially for the x-mas holidays while imagining head scratching storytellers with typewriters and stale crackers – a most enjoyable way to lose a few hours.

And then, of course, you have got the option of reading the books as well.

#21 Rediscover something you used to love

Not in a million years would I have predicted that I would turn out to love knitting and crocheting in my late thirties/early forties. I am even starting to notice an urge to get my hands into some needlework. Needlework!!! Sometimes I really do surprise myself.

But I am also thinking that perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise. When I was a child I loved all that stuff. Loved it and spend many happy hours with a little weaving loom, cardboard pompom makers, crochet hooks and cross stitch needles. It is passion, rediscovered.

knitting 2

How about you? What is something you were passionate about as a child and have stopped doing? Might now be a good time to fall in love with it all over again?

# 20 Get curious

It is not unlikely that over the Christmas holidays we will be spending some time with a person who winds us up in some way. Maybe they come across too arrogant, too aggressive, dominating, ignorant, loud, lazy or too moaning for our liking. Have you got someone in mind?

As with most things we have a choice to make here. We can choose to sigh deeply, roll our eyes, frown, raise our voices and repeat a long standing pattern.

be curious

Or alternatively, and I am sure there are a lot of other options – alternatively we can choose curiosity. Asking ourselves what it must be like to be that person and what they get out of their behaviour. Turn it into a little research project, if you will. It doesn’t mean that we suddenly start liking or agreeing with the behaviour, but it changes the lense we look through and therefore allows us to have a different response.

Less sighing, less winding up. Especially nice at Christmas time.

# 19 Choose some role models

Have you got some people around you that you admire? Perhaps they have a certain skill or a way of being in the world that really appeals to you. Perhaps they go about doing or being somehow with tremendous ease – ways you would like, but find do not come naturally to you. Calm, maybe. Or confident, productive, positive, sociable, caring.

modelWell, there is no reason why you cannot learn it. Ever since we were born we have learned by copying or modelling other peoples behaviour, attitudes, beliefs and values. So why stop now. Why not use this knowledge and consciously choose who and what you would like to model going forward. Then start noticing what specifically it is that they do so well and how they go about doing it. Watch, reflect,imagine walking in their shoes and try it out for yourself.

Modelling – a fast and nourishing way to learn.



# 18 Review

If you find yourself awake early one morning where sounds are still hushed and darkness lingers, why not sit down in your favourite spot with your favourite pen and a fresh notebook and do a little review. A review of the year just gone by.

reviewA review that will allow you to consider, not so much big bold and dramatic moves, but rather  what you would like more of and what you would like less of in the year that is fast approaching.

More of. Less of. A nice and simple way to think about the year ahead.