A soft place to land

They must have been fluttering in the air and somehow ended up netted in my mind, because, one morning, when I woke up the words were just there, repeating themselves, demanding attention in a gentle sort of way. “A soft place to land”, the words said and I have been pondering what that means. The sentence has such a nice ring to it, stemming from the warm, hazy and muted images the words evoke in my mind. Of a place where you know in your core, that you can be yourself with all your flaws, imperfections and perceived weaknesses and still find calmness, support, peace, love and understanding, no matter what. february morning sun

We all need at least one such “place”, don’t we? Perhaps that place is found in our childhood friend, our family, a parent, our home, or in mountains, the sea, the woods, a pet, a coach or therapist or a unique mix of them all. It seems to me it is good to know what that place is, so that we can quickly takes ourselves there when needed.

A soft place to land. 5 words fluttering your way on a stunning Monday morning. Catch them if you like.


Metaphors that move

I know. I know. I have said it before. Metaphors are great. Just a few words, often simple words, allow us to encapsulate and share a story with countless sensations. A bit like a painting created with one stroke of a brush or an entire piece of music captured in just one note.

So when a coaching client told me it felt as if her heart was covered in barbed wire, how it looked prickly, no longer a true colour of red, no longer able to beat properly – it took my breath away. One brush stroke and you get the painting. You get a sense of what it must be like, what it must be like to feel like that. Feel as if your heart is covered in barbed wire. And that is how your breath gets caught.


As we moved forward over the weeks, I had the joy of watching this person take more and more brave steps, venture outside her comfort zone, build courage, grow motivation and determination. It is always, ALWAYS a privilege. And when last week, during our fourth session together, she gently states, in a voice much lighter, that it feels as if at least… at least half her heart is now healthy, is beating strong and is barbed wire free…….and you get a sense of what it must be like, what it must feel like, to have at least half a heart beating strong, beating barbed wire free. Well, that is how metaphors move you. Really and truly move you. And I don’t think I will ever stop admiring them. Metaphors that move. And women taking brave steps.

{This account is of course shared with permission}

Seek and find and do


Like little tea leaves in a teapot this past week a theme has been brewing. The sources have been many and varied, some dressed in warm winter coats, some listening intently to words spoken and some just humming quietly and oh-so-content, while others sprung from freshly turned pages in books just added to already crowded bookshelves. They all pointed to this simple message:

Find out what you love doing. Then find ways to do more of it.



What about you? What do you love doing? How will you do more of it?


Lemons and rain

Despite lugging an umbrella the size of a family beach sunshade around with me most of the time, earlier today I managed to get caught in a massive downpour without it. Needless to say, I got pretty soaked. In situations like that it is sometimes so incredibly easy to begin growling, however (to my own slight surprise) my spontaneous reaction today was to think something along the lines of “what a perfectly good excuse to light a fire, work by candle light and put on some sprawl-around-the-house clothes.” Which I then did. It made me think of this really sweet saying:

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” 

Imaging what would happen if we all became more proficient at lemonade making.

Pay it forward

Lately the expression “pay it forward” has been popping in to my head. I don’t know what has caused it, but I do enjoy this kind of seemingly random reminder of something that is worth more of my attention. Well, not just my attention. All of us, really.

For me the time has come to place the concept in my conscious awareness and make sure that I not only pay backward but much more deliberately forward. And I think the time has also come to share the idea more explicitly with my kids. And with you of course.

Although it sounds like quite an unselfish act, in reality it isn’t, as doing good for others often alters our state and makes us feel a little extra proud. Makes us feel extra good about ourselves. Pure win/win scenario.The kind that creates positive ripple effects.The best kind of scenario. Ever.

{Wikipedia: pay it forward” is used to describe the concept of asking the beneficiary of a good deed to repay it to others instead of to the original benefactor.}

Bucket list

Mildly dazed and slightly time difference woozy we are exploring New York. It has been just over 20 years since I was here last, which seems like a lifetime ago. Returning here kick started a flow of fun and exciting and take your breath away memories (and ok a few embarrassing ones too, but I was young and a very naive, very small town girl), but it also made me realise that it might be a really good idea to make a bucket list for the next 20 years. A list over must visit places and must seek out experiences. It could even be kept in company with a “what I want to learn in the next 20 years” list. Yup, that I will do. As soon as my body catches up with my watch and I can stop inhaling coffee to keep me awake for tonight’s river cruise and a close up with The Statue of Liberty. Crazy New York days, really. Exciting, crazy New York days.

ps. Sorry for the boring photo. Am unable to transfer the nicer ones from the camera to the I-pad. This one is from our hotel window.

To begin a brand new day

Consider for a moment what would be different if you began each day by setting your intent. It could sound something like “My intent for today is to smile more and notice little things I am grateful for in my life” or “My intent for today is to be enormously productive and focus on task X” or “My intent for today is to truly engage with my kids and spend at least one hour doing something I love”.

By setting your intent at the beginning of a day you clarify how you want to show up and meet the world. It becomes your map, allowing you to navigate more fluently towards your desired outcome.

Come night-time it is hugely rewarding to notice showing up the way you intended to, achieving what you intended, smiling the way you intended. And if for some reason you accidentally misplaced your map or turned left when perhaps you should have turned right, tomorrow fortunately always shows up with 24 brand new hours.