Weakness flipped

Today I felt really inspired reading the following:

“Our weaknesses are our best teachers, pointing us to the most productive ways to learn and change. We can use them to tune the orchestra and refresh the palette, creating richer, fuller symphonies and pictures.”

Source: Way of NLP by Joseph O’Connor & Ian McDermott

spring flowers

I think a lot of us consider our weaknesses as belonging to our “darker side” and the word itself make us curl our shoulders and bend our heads like bashful puppies while we squirm a little in our seat if we happen to stumble on one or get asked to define what ours are.

I like how the above paragraph flips it all on its head. Turns our perceived weakness into a great big learning opportunity. Perhaps try it out for yourself. Consider something you perceive to be a weakness of yours. What changes for you when you define that weakness instead as a teacher, pointing you to a productive way to learn and change? To tune the orchestra.

…and by the way. Have you noticed? Spring is in the air.


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