A soft place to land

They must have been fluttering in the air and somehow ended up netted in my mind, because, one morning, when I woke up the words were just there, repeating themselves, demanding attention in a gentle sort of way. “A soft place to land”, the words said and I have been pondering what that means. The sentence has such a nice ring to it, stemming from the warm, hazy and muted images the words evoke in my mind. Of a place where you know in your core, that you can be yourself with all your flaws, imperfections and perceived weaknesses and still find calmness, support, peace, love and understanding, no matter what. february morning sun

We all need at least one such “place”, don’t we? Perhaps that place is found in our childhood friend, our family, a parent, our home, or in mountains, the sea, the woods, a pet, a coach or therapist or a unique mix of them all. It seems to me it is good to know what that place is, so that we can quickly takes ourselves there when needed.

A soft place to land. 5 words fluttering your way on a stunning Monday morning. Catch them if you like.


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