Being housebound – a small blessing in disguise

In the last few weeks I have spent an unusual amount of time at home as a small health issue has prevented me from moving about much. Stillness not being one of my strengths, it was very frustrating at first, leaving me fairly restless and impatient and mostly thinking what a waste of time. As the days have gone by and having settled into a different and slower pace, a few surprises have “surprisingly” revealed themselves.


Did you know for example that if you are housebound and there is absolutely no agenda for the day, it can simply go into a kind of flow mode where thoughts can just come and go, kids can curl up on your lap for random chats and pancake dinner feels one hundred percent appropriate? Or did you know for example that suddenly you are presented with that very rare opportunity of discovering new things to do with your hands and attend to some of those projects you have said you will do some day, when you have got spare time. Like 10 years’ worth of photo albums, making pompom garlands, researching new recipes and summer holiday destinations and the perfect colour for the poor hallway wall that has been left unpainted for an unmentionable number of years?

Stillness, after all, is not so bad seen in this light. In fact, I think I may just go ahead and plan some more agenda free, housebound days for us all. Making sure first, of course, that the cupboards are well stocked with ingredients for pancakes!


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