#22 Be captivated

If you think about it, it is pretty incomprehensible. Images are evoked of solitary souls with piles of notebooks, old fashioned typewriters and pencils chewed scratching their heads while gulping down mugs of cold coffee and living only of stale crackers for months or even years on end. It is the process of writing books I find incomprehensible and the sheer amount of books and stories that are written and available for us to disappear into.

inspiredReading snippets, stroking covers, flicking pages, hour after hour evaporate into thin air in libraries and bookshops. Selecting a pile for little ones as well as big ones especially for the x-mas holidays while imagining head scratching storytellers with typewriters and stale crackers – a most enjoyable way to lose a few hours.

And then, of course, you have got the option of reading the books as well.


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