# 20 Get curious

It is not unlikely that over the Christmas holidays we will be spending some time with a person who winds us up in some way. Maybe they come across too arrogant, too aggressive, dominating, ignorant, loud, lazy or too moaning for our liking. Have you got someone in mind?

As with most things we have a choice to make here. We can choose to sigh deeply, roll our eyes, frown, raise our voices and repeat a long standing pattern.

be curious

Or alternatively, and I am sure there are a lot of other options – alternatively we can choose curiosity. Asking ourselves what it must be like to be that person and what they get out of their behaviour. Turn it into a little research project, if you will. It doesn’t mean that we suddenly start liking or agreeing with the behaviour, but it changes the lense we look through and therefore allows us to have a different response.

Less sighing, less winding up. Especially nice at Christmas time.


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