# 19 Choose some role models

Have you got some people around you that you admire? Perhaps they have a certain skill or a way of being in the world that really appeals to you. Perhaps they go about doing or being somehow with tremendous ease – ways you would like, but find do not come naturally to you. Calm, maybe. Or confident, productive, positive, sociable, caring.

modelWell, there is no reason why you cannot learn it. Ever since we were born we have learned by copying or modelling other peoples behaviour, attitudes, beliefs and values. So why stop now. Why not use this knowledge and consciously choose who and what you would like to model going forward. Then start noticing what specifically it is that they do so well and how they go about doing it. Watch, reflect,imagine walking in their shoes and try it out for yourself.

Modelling – a fast and nourishing way to learn.




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