#17 Be playful

The smallest of gestures and a bit of playfulness from me often bring a seemingly disproportionate amount of happiness for the youngest ones in this household. It can sometimes be as simple as arranging a breakfast that can be eaten in bed, suggesting dinner in front of a favourite TV programme, bringing all duvets and pillows into the living room, to snuggle in at first then invariably ending up a den, saying yes to a late night walk (at approximately 7.30pm) or a midnight feasts (at approximately 8pm and not really very feast’y). Small things.


In the flurry of daily life I often forget how simple it can be. And forget that it is not exclusively young ones that feel disproportionately happy about small things and playfulness. And whoever needs a table anyway? A den on the other hand…. now that is a different story.


2 thoughts on “#17 Be playful

  1. Lovely. The joy that my placing banana slices in the shape of a face on their cereal brings is un-bottle-able. Yet I don’t do it that often. It only takes a few seconds. You have summed up the beauty of playfulness beautifully.

    • Oh yes, faces made with food or letters formed with syrup on porridge. You also made me remember that I recently saw banana cut with a tiny cookie cutter to make them heart to petal shaped. So sweet. Must try that one day soon. Thanks for commenting, I love to hear your thoughts.

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