#15 Be courageous

It is no surprise that it becomes easy to stay put in our comfort zone. It is simply part of human nature to try to ensure we stay safe and part of our brain is programmed to make us avoid danger or discomfort and instead seek safety and comfort where possible.

In our comfort zone we avoid exposing ourselves to risk. It’s becomes a safe place to hang out. However it also becomes a place that may limit us in many ways – stop us from doing things we might truly enjoy or prevent us from learning, experience, explore, grow.


Venturing outside can be a bit of an adrenaline rush. Fear and anxiousness mixed with excitement and perhaps a sense of liberation. It brings a surge of aliveness and I am convinced it is good for the soul.

If you feel tempted to test what it is like on the outside of your zone, why not try it out step by step and notice what happens for you. What happens for example were you to speak you mind instead of holding words back, increase your assertiveness, do something “crazy” or just do something in the way you really want to –  perhaps breaking several self-imposed rules.

Who knows, it could be a beautiful beginning of a new and healthy habit. Step by step.


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