#11 Reflect and adjust

Tonight I thought I would share with you some tips that was written specifically with  busy parents in mind last year in December. Tips and a couple of questions to make you reflect on how you “do” December and Christmas.

  1. Learn from mistakes. Review what you already know doesn’t work for you? This year do something different. Having guests 4 days in a row or committing yourself to make every dish from scratch and with organic ingredients only, decorate every room with handmade tinsel, help with every raffle, school trip, cake baking, costume making, Christmas party planning committee may be just a bit too much. How much is enough for you? Prepare yourself by getting clear what works for you and avoid over committing yourself. Practise saying no.
  2. Get clear about what REALLY matters. How would you really like yours and your family’s Christmas to be? Which key activities or elements need to be present for you to fully enjoy this time of year. By getting clear about what is meaningful and important to you, you can make much better choices and ensure you focus on the right things. How does your list of priorities look? Which December activities give you a true sense of joy, fulfilment and happiness?


  3. Find ways to work smarter, not harder. Think about three things which, if you were to do them differently this year, would have a BIG impact on how much effort (mental or physical) is required on your part. On-line shopping, paying for your grumpy, endlessly complaining auntie to stay in a B&B instead of in your house, converting your annual Christmas party to a summer party, use of a diary for daily/weekly targets, replace the home made cranberry sauce with shop bought etc. What could really make a difference for you?
  4. Check in with yourself. Review how YOU are doing. Begin to notice when you feel caught in a frenzy of doing, doing, doing leaving no time for being and enjoying. Ask yourself if you are getting caught up in trivialities? Notice how you talk to yourself. Would you use that tone of voice with a friend? Could your inner voice be gentler, more empathetic? If so, have a little chat with that inner voice and encourage it to speak to you in a kinder way.

So what do you think…. are there some things you might want to approach differently?


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