#9 The music in your life

I had this evening all mapped out. Gym with the youngest one, a dinner for three, bedtime for two then sewing of the black onesie, to go with the grey, ready to be shipped to mainland Europe in the morning, present wrapping and finally writing of a sensible blog post about music and its ability to nourish us.

Then came a tempting text message from a very good friend about meeting up for a drink. “Yes”, I said and ignored the part of me that had done the clever mapping out. “Yes, of course”, I said, “maturely” telling myself that tomorrow will have extra hours in the day and that I probably write better blog posts after a glass of wine or two!music

And there, while we are talking about matters big and small {tonight’s were mostly big} gently playing in the background is this music that somehow is just perfect for the moment. Perfect for the kind of conversation we were having. Apart from one smallish glitch, the soundtrack tonight, completely unknown to me, completely underlined the mood and in the most non-intrusive way reinforced that I had absolutely made the right decision to go out. If I hadn’t, I would have missed out big time.

And there, while being immersed in cosy conversation and music, I pondered for a brief moment how I could write a meaningful blog post about music’s ability to nourish us. I then let that thought go. Because I was simply enjoying myself much too much to contemplate spoiling the moment. Immersed in cosy conversation and music perfect for the moment.

So no, there is no sensible post tonight about music and its ability to nourish us. Instead I just ask a simple question, which is: where in your life do you have music that makes you not want to spoil the moment – even with your own thoughts?

{and some other night, we may possibly discuss whether I write better blog posts after a glass of wine or two!}


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