#8 Follow the fragrance trail

In humans, there are about 40 million olfactory receptors. These receptors transmit signals to the brain to areas such as the olfactory cortex, hippocampus, amygdala, and hypothalamus.  Many of these brain areas are part of the limbic system.  The limbic system is involved with emotional behaviour and memory. That’s why when you smell something, it often brings back memories associated with the object.
Source: here

Just how many memories, I wonder, can be called to mind by making mulled wine on a dark Sunday evening in December. spices2

I have to warn you. It comes with a risk of sensory overload.


A feast for noses. For eyes and taste buds. And for fingertips wrapped around mugs.

star anis.Joyful nourishment for the body and for the mind. On a dark Sunday evening in December.


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