#7 Letting your heart be the guide

This afternoon during a small Christmas gathering we came to talk about presents given out of obligation. How searching for and giving those kinds of gifts can leave you kind of deflated and annoyed. Sound familiar? Contrast that with giving a present that comes from your heart. It is just a totally different experience. One that has the ability to leave you as thankful as the person the gift is intended for. Because the giving carries meaning, I guess. It becomes a meaningful act.merci

It made me think that perhaps it would be a good idea to consider who we would include on our gift list if we chose purely with our heart. Who, outside, our nearest and obvious dearest, hold a place in our heart. A very recently made friend or the extra caring friend. The colleague who always makes you laugh. Someone who unknowingly inspire you. Someone you haven’t seen in a long time, but think about a lot. The loveliest gentlest child in the roughest toughest neighbourhood or the elderly lady with the grey cat across the road

Coming from that place in your heart are there anyone this Christmas you would like to say thank you to? With words or a gift. Just for being there. Just because it is meaningful.


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