#6 Bring a bit of nature inside

Pine cones, twigs, acorns and conkers. Sea shells, pebbles and rocks with holes. Oh, you should see the many collections we have managed to bring home over time. Each one normally goes out after a short while, as it is tricky to find suitable homes and because those little bits of nature never appears quite as pretty or intriguing in their new surroundings as they did where they were first spotted.IMG_3193

Every now and again though, something lands softly and comfortably and a feeling of grounded’ness follows. A feeling that has its roots in bringing even just a tiny bit of nature inside. Plastic just does not carry that kind of magic, I think. So around this time of year, where artificial light and glitter and brightly coloured toy catalogues are in such excess, it seems extra precious to find a little home for something as pared back as a few twigs.

Bringing a little bit of nature inside. Great for grounding.


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