#5 Connect the past with the present

When talking about something from my past, it happens that the kids express surprise as they realise there was also a life before they arrived. It is very adorable and I love the little trail of images and thoughts it often stimulates in them.photoalbum1

Even though I consider myself young{-ish), what sometimes stops me in my track is just how much life I have now lived. How many experiences, moments, places, journeys, people now make up my past. It feels really reassuring and nourishing from time to time to go back and revisit some {not all} of those experiences, moments, places, journeys and people. To be reminded. To recall what it was like. To notice how emotions and sensations are still evoked that belonged to that time, then.

Photo albums, I dare say, are well worth hanging out with on a cold December evening.


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