#4 Shake it up a little

“Hot porridge, please” chirps the youngest voice. “Dadidadudadum”, hums the oldest contently while creating his bowl of cardboard flavoured cereals for the 6oooth time. Yep, 50% of this household happily eat the same breakfast day in and day out and I just stare in wonder. Especially as the same 50% without fail exclaim their great enthusiasm when I boil them an egg, sneak a grapefruit on their plates or suggest a bit of bacon.

They are so very pleased. Which is why I don’t get it when I hear the hot porridge chirp and the rustlings from the cereal boxes the very next day when they both go back to their old routine. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose. Some are greater fans of routines {and oats} than others. I do like however to “challenge” routines a bit. My own included. A bit more variety will do us all good. And I am no longer referring exclusively to breakfast repertoires here. I am talking across the board.


Do you have some areas in your daily life, where you just hit the repeat button? Perhaps because you lack inspiration or because it is easy and saves time and head space. Which is all fine. That’s the benefit of a routine. The suggestion today though is to reflect on whether there are any you would like to shake up a bit. A bit less porridge and cardboard flavoured cereal for a grapefruit and a slice of bacon.

By the way – for inspiration I created a little breakfast compilation on pinterest.


3 thoughts on “#4 Shake it up a little

  1. With three kids 5 and under I cling to routine as if clinging to it will somehow aid me in keeping my head above the water. We have porridge all the time. It’s healthy. It’s easy, so fine. But oats aside, I am thankful for my husband everyday. He brings chaos to the household. He has no concept of time, of where anything goes, or how playing tickle monster at 1858pm will not help settle the kids before bed time. It drives me mad. But it also keeps us sane, and happy.

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