#3 Be kind to yourself

It was just that the pennies looked so pretty with the turquoise. It should have been pound coins in that little bowl. Or two pound coins. Or Euros, Kroner or Dollar bills.pennies

Chances are that no matter which currency or where you live in the world, you are more accustomed to paying attention to the things you don’t do so well compared with the things you do do well. Right? It is very likely true that you are better at noticing the things you don’t achieve and politely ignore your accomplishments. And you are also likely to more skilful at giving yourself a hard time, than you are at saying “whoohoo well done me”!

So here’s a little suggestion to practise inversing those rather pointless patterns. Place a coin in a {bigger} turquoise bowl every time you praise yourself or notice something you achieved or did well. Daydream about your how your little bowl is filling up, spilling over and about you buying yourself a fine-looking piece of jewellery, a painting or a celebration meal. Or an even bigger turquoise bowl. To fill up, with more pretty coins and kinder, helpful patterns.


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