#1 Make something

and so it was that pretty much every single step of staircase was occupied with items in transit; countless odd socks, a bottle of sun cream, onesies and pin cushions, Papa Smurf & co, wooden swords, magazines and books! The laundry basket somehow appeared full to the brim, and ahead awaited lengthy preparation of a hearty meal to compensate for the past week’s dinner shortcuts and lurking in various corners was a sense that December certainly came around much faster than expected and kept whispering “you are running a bit behind, aren’t you?”.


But, you see, one little person had decided she wanted to make a stocking for her brother, so we simply HAD to get crafty. Besides, making or producing something is so satisfying for me and the past two weeks has been spent in conversations, workshops and coaching sessions encouraging others do more of what nourishes them, to notice how it builds momentum, how it ignites a desire to create more and how it increases your energy and ability to swiftly and in a “what’s the big deal?” way repatriate Papa Smurf and friends and odd socks. It was time. As in time to walk the talk!


So not only did we make a stocking, we made a bag and a star and very much enjoyed our improvised 10 minute from start to finish pasta dish, which even included broccoli!!! This evening the staircase can again {fairly safely} be navigated, the laundry basket is {kind of} empty and there is {sort of} a plan in place to catch up with December. Most excitingly though, there is a decision to come up with one nourishing activity/suggestion on the blog for each of the next 24 days. Walking the talk Christmas countdown style. I am hoping you will come along, find a bit of inspiration and simply and in any random fashion do more of what really nourishes you.


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