When patience is rewarded

For a week I waited patiently for the rain to stop falling long enough to take the children to one of my favourite places in Denmark; the west coast where the sea is rough and the beaches wide, the wind always present, always twirling little grains of sand into the air and into eyelashes, into brought along sandwiches and the little curly part of your ear.

beach huts



I so wanted to share with them the fantastic feeling of that salty wind taking hold of hats and raincoats and thoughts not worth hanging on to. I wished for them to shout at the top of their lungs into the roar of the waves and in return absorb energy from the sea, the kind of energy that cannot be compared to anything else and always seems to grant fresh perspectives and leave you feeling lighter somehow. Nourished.


Well, despite the patient waiting the rain unfortunately never did stop while we were in Denmark. We did however decide to compensate for the missing seaside visit by ignoring the English weather forecast that promised more rain and today drove down to the south coast. What a great decision. Guess how we are feeling tonight?

on top of the world


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