Elusive words on a rainy day…

Slippery little thingies sometimes. Words. I have this question on my mind that I want to share. My wish is to wrap it in soft and delicate tissue paper, as a small but carefully considered present before sending it your way, but…… those words. They are just not coming. Perhaps the rain washed them away.

summer flowers1

So here, on this rainy Tuesday, a completely context free and unwrapped question for you to ponder if you so wish.

What is really working in your life……..?

summer flowers

It is a good pondering question, if I may say so. Wrapped in delicate paper or not. Worth a good deal of pondering at a quiet moment. Especially if you tend to focus more on the opposite – what isn’t working. Got any of those? May I suggest you save those ones for another day and time. It’s Tuesday, it’s raining softly, it’s candle lighting time and a good time to ponder what’s working.


2 thoughts on “Elusive words on a rainy day…

  1. tks Bonnie, it is late and I have just discovered your message. After few more hurdles today and a sad news I;am very glad that I red it before going to bed as You are right I’am going to concentrate on the + side for the last hour of the day and count my blessings.love you and your wiseness

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