All I need is the wellies!

Metaphors are fantastic. I love when they appear during coaching sessions. Both when I am on the receiving end, working with my coach, and when I am in the coach’s chair. One of the great things about metaphors is, that they can go right to the core of an issue and describe an overwhelming situation, intense experiences, complex ideas or a bundle of emotions. Describe it very precisely, using very few words.


Source: Freyaart

Yesterday, the above picture arrived in my inbox with the headline “I’m framing this”. The email came from a client, and all it said was “this reminds me of our first session”. It really touched me. As in really touched me! Because I can completely see how this sums up my clients story ~ how she was ~ and how she would much rather BE, during the storm, she knew was coming. And she eloquently finished with these word; “All I need is the wellies”! …..

Metaphors and touching emails. Powerful stuff, I tell you. {….happy sigh..}

When would it be helpful for you to use a metaphor to capture your experience?


4 thoughts on “All I need is the wellies!

  1. Bonnie has been an absolute help to me. I’ve created umbrellas with wellies and seagulls to help me through one of the most difficult times in my life. She uses techniques that are far superior to any that I’ve ever come across. Talking about your problems till the cows come home doesn’t help you change your future…. but Bonnie helps you to find that hope and fight that you need going forward to be resourceful and get you through those difficult times! I can’t recommend (or thank!) her enough!

    • Ok, I didn’t expect to see this here Wellie girl (haha – love the name). You have now managed to bring tears to my eyes two days in a row. Please stop, I am suppose to be working here!

      On a serious note, thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot to me.

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