Creating the mood for autumn

Any moment now, we will be unable to ignore the prompts encouraging us to make a mental seasonal transition from summer to autumn. Are you ready? Hmm, thought so. Me neither! But I intend to get ready. The fab-fab-fabulous presence of the sun this summer has undeniably lifted my weather spirit and I am set on making the most of the other seasons. As a sign of gratitude, let’s say, mixed with a secret hope that it will somehow cheer on a repeat next year. So, in order to softly disentangle from summer and ease the way in to autumn, let’s set the scene and create the mood.

knitting 2

:: Candle light. Lots of candle light. Especially on the breakfast table.

:: Red cheeked forest picnics and cool fingers wrapped around mugs of hot chocolate.

:: Sleeping cocooned in newly washed winter duvets.

:: The sound of rain on the roof.

:: Wearing old favourite jumpers and mismatching woolly socks.

:: Baking bread and trying out new autumnal recipes (my pins/inspiration can be found here).

:: Wood fires – indoor ones and outdoors.

:: Walks on a beach on windy days breathing crisp seaweed tasting air.

:: Pyjama mornings spend reading (preferably with croissants and good coffee).

:: Chilled out evenings in the company of good friends, with legs wrapped up in blankets and curled up in cushy sofas, protected from persistent drafts.

knitting 1

And abundant apples and soft music and leaves turning golden and extra hot showers and mint tea and…and…and…..

So, what do you say…..feeling a bit more ready?

It is going to be a great autumn. How can it not?


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