Substituting sunshine

We can talk about it until the cows come home and once they are home we can talk TO the cows until the early morning and until we turn blue in the face. We can complain and moan and groan, but no matter what, it will not make a difference. It will not make the sun appear more consistently, more frequently, more summery.

But what to do then, when some of us have a strong sense that the presence of the sun plays a big, (and I mean BIG) role in our physical and emotional well-being and therefore on the overall quality of our lives?

Well, we could try the cows AGAIN, but my guess is that we will get the same result, so perhaps it would be wise to try a different approach. The question to ask is “what can stand in for the sun”? Chances are that there is not one single thing that can substitute the sun, but a number of things combined may do trick. Not perfectly, but in a “better than nothing” kind of way. And it will be different things for different people. So let’s just rephrase that question to “what can stand in for the sun, for you”?


Here are some of my answers and some of the things I am trying to do more of, in order to stay as physically and emotionally nourished and resourceful as possible:

  • Eat lots of foods that has been ripened by the sun (if you spot a person sniffing peppers and peaches on Guildford high street market today = me)
  • Camping in the garden (bought a fantastic 4 person pop up tent last summer – cheapest bedroom extension ever – the kids love it and wake up smiling)
  • Go for random brisk walks and simply pretend to feel warm from the sun (and not at all from the briskness).
  • Indoor picnics (also a huge hit with the kids)
  • Increased intake of vitamins (predominately by juicing vegetables)
  • Drops of lavender oil on pillows.
  • Sleeping with open windows and only having thin white linen curtains to allow lots of light in.
  • Having flowers and herbs in and around the house.
  • Spending a bit of time on Pinterest, compiling “nourishing” mood boards. Looking at summary pictures changes my state, makes me breathe slower and get that kind of relaxed feeling in my body that normally comes from slowly lingering in the sun. Looking at beautiful pictures of food, inspires what we have for dinner and increases the chances of us eating something healthy.

Perfect substitutions for the sun? Nope, but still much, much better than just talking to the cows.

What would do it for you?


4 thoughts on “Substituting sunshine

  1. I think I just will re-read this post whenever I need some sunshine! This is just too good and makes me instantly smile! Thanks for that.

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