A self coaching tool for life balance

A couple of recent conversations has stirred the thought that it is time to share another coaching concept/tool with you. Those of you who have attended the wheelbarrows seminar, will have come across it before, but I figured that you won’t object to its reappearance.

I use this concept not only with clients but also for myself. It deals with the issue of life balance and I believe it was created by Suzi Smith, a fantastic NLP trainer, whom I have the pleasure of training with several times.

What it suggests is that we have 5 key Life Areas and that nourishing and attending to them equally with our time and energy will help create balance across our life and give us a sense of wholeness. The 5 areas are:

Your physical wellbeing
Your emotional wellbeing
Your intellectual wellbeing
Your social wellbeing
Your spiritual wellbeing

What do you think? Does it cover the key areas of your life? If so, try asking yourself these questions and see what comes up for you. And remember there are no right or wrong answers, it just feedback and insight that will allow you to decide if there are any changes you want to make. So here are the questions:

How are you currently nourishing and attending to these areas in your life?
Which ones (if any) could do with more of your attention?
Which nourishing activities would you like to add to create more balance?

I hope you enjoyed this little self-coaching exercise. In the coming weeks I will be attending to and writing more about nourishing activities for each of the five areas.


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