The little miracles

Right at this moment someone, somewhere, is probably breathing a sigh filled with relief and joy while tightly holding on to a supporting hand as they get an all clear from a doctor. Someone, somewhere, is most likely, right at this minute, being warmly greeted to their new job by new colleagues and a seed planted for good times ahead and lifelong, nurturing friendships. Somewhere, someone is perhaps being born today, who will grow up and compose music that will reach my ear and deeply touch my soul when I am watching my grandchildren, wrinkled as prune, in a chair by the sea. Perhaps someone, somewhere near, maybe just down the road from here, decided to give up alcohol as a way of numbing their heart and will go on to blossom and help someone else do the same.


Little everyday miracles that do not make headlines. So immensely treasured when happening right next to you. So easy to lose sight of, when they are not. Let’s bear these in mind as the daily news continue to describe life as something that generally seems to go wrong. There is so much good happening every day. For you. For me. For someone else. Somewhere. Everywhere.


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