Cherries on a rainy day

Round about now the “I am so looking forward to my summer holiday” statement begins to pop up here and there and in the weeks ahead the frequency will grow and wriggle its way into every street corner conversation with voices beginning to carry a higher note of urgency and increased longing.

There is no harm in that, really. As a matter of fact it is quite nice to have something to look forward to, right? Yes, right…..but!! There is a but, and it is about wishing time away. It is about us sometimes focusing much too much on the destination and forgetting all about enjoying the journey. I think it is something we are all guilty of at times. Perhaps in relation to our summer holiday or a goal at work or perhaps when we dream of the day our child learns a particular skill that means we no longer need to carry that one for them. Or how about the classic one about dreaming of your retirement.


The “but” is about living and enjoying as much as possible in the present moment and not having our attention placed somewhere out there in the future. It is about doing that despite whatever is going on, whatever challenges we are facing. To do so requires that we know ourselves well, that we know what we can do, to be at our best. In other words we need to know how we can nourish ourselves in the best possible way. To stay resourceful and in the present as much as possible. Despite. And especially in times of challenge.

Sometimes nourishing ourselves can be as simple as stopping to admire how the sun catches on dark red cherries or ensuring that we place our head softly on a pillow by 9pm three nights in a row. Sometimes it is about finding moments of quiet or moments to dance or moments to disappear in a story about faraway lands. Sometimes it is about surrounding ourself with supportive minds or finding a pair of helping hands. Just for an hour or two. And maybe it is something else. No one can know, but you.

So from now on let’s all pay attention and make sure we notice. It is knowledge well worth having. No just on a rainy day, but every day of every week of every month….

Which reminds me. Those beautiful cherries are waiting in my kitchen….!


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