When a bit of headspace is required

In between writing what at this moment seems like slightly bonkers business plans with m2 requirements, turnover targets and value propositions and calming down after a burst of well founded anger that lingers a bit and preparing for half term and 3 days of NLP training and an evening of tear inducing proud parent moments as my sons class sings Toto’s “Africa”, I am baking.


When I need a bit of headspace I often turn to flour and yeast and salt and water. And today also sunflower seeds and carrots! There is just something about making bread. It completely calms my mind and makes me feel more grounded and nourished in more than one way (I do so love eating the bread, too). So today, in between head spinning thoughts, Toto songs and eyes blurred by proud tears, I am baking.

Do you know what to do, when you want to give yourself a bit of headspace?


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