Madaleine {part 4}

Today Madaleine kindly shares the next chapter of her coaching journal. {Find part 1, part 2, part 3 here} Reading her words this morning really touched me (even though I was there on the day). I think it has to do with her describing so beautifully, one of the things I value the most about coaching – its ability to help create clarity.

As human beings we have this capacity to get very muddled up in our thoughts. To get to a point where thoughts feel tangled and heavy and persistent and overshadowing. To get to a point where we feel stuck or trapped in an endless repetitive loop with nowhere in and nowhere out. This is where coaching can make a huge difference – offering ways to gain some clarity and different perspectives. Read on and find out what it felt like for Madeleine.


What a revelation. Talking to Bonnie today about something which has been worrying, bothering and upsetting me for a while has provided a real insight and different perspective on it. I am learning so much from this process. So much in my life is changing in a positive way. I am starting to feel better about myself, more confident and more connected to the people around me. I am learning to ask for help and to enjoy the benefits of receiving it.

The amazing thing about talking to Bonnie is that she listens. She really listens to what you think and feel and in a very gentle but firm way she asks, “Well, what do you think you could do about that? How could you start approaching this problem? How would you feel if you did it that way? What might happen in your life?” This sounds simple and perhaps that’s the best thing about it. Life doesn’t need to be as complicated as we (well certainly I) often make it.

Bonnie’s skill is asking the right questions at the right time and in the right way. The way you respond to them is up to you. It is all about how you will take responsibility for living your life in the way you choose to.

The revelation for me over today’s very personal topic of conversation was this, “I can work out how I feel about something, but I don’t actually need to do anything else. Just working out how I feel is enough, for now.” How simple, yet how completely liberating. Part of my worry and stress had been around how I could ‘solve’ and ‘fix’ this problem. But, realising that I am in control of how I respond to my thoughts about it, that just acknowledging and understanding my feelings is the important first step to being in control. This was enough to make me feel that a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

At the end of the session today I felt so much more relaxed than I did when I arrived. In the way your body feels relaxed after a massage my mind felt relaxed and soothed and relieved. I shall think of today’s session as a refreshing and nourishing ‘mental massage’.

{I know Madaleine stops by here from time to time. Please share your thoughts here if what she shares resonates with you in some way. I personally am full of admiration for her courage and generosity in sharing her very personal journey with all of us and it is important to me that she hears it.}


2 thoughts on “Madaleine {part 4}

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It sounds like Madeleine benefited greatly from the sessions she had with you. I just wanted to thank Madeleine for sharing her journey with us. I have enjoyed reading all the stories and have identified with a lot and wish her all the best. xD

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