Fellow scoffers, are you with me?

Let’s talk about eating. As in the actual process of eating. Let’s talk about entire meals consumed in some mechanical fashion or practically inhaled in the same amount of time it takes to say “what’s next?”. During many of our meals alarmingly little attention and appreciation is given to the taste or to where the food came from in the first place.

For the past 5 years I have been trying to grow a few tomatoes, peppers and strawberries in our garden, and I’m telling you, I find it annoyingly difficult and I have given up. Because I failed. Failed, despite 5 years of hopeful cheering and trickling water and strategically placed supportive strings and continuous pigeon chasing and endless slug slaying.


All this effort from me and the keen striving plants themselves, all this effort for a few petite plants to survive and thrive has made me think that it is kind of disrespectful to simply take fresh food for granted and to gobble it down without appreciating it properly.

Irrespective of our busy lives, we really ought to take time and notice what we place in our mouths. Not just because of our waistlines or with an eye on nutritional values (we all have a pretty good idea by now, what is good and bad for us, right?) but to make sure we eat with all of our senses engaged, taking notice of colour, texture, smell and flavour. That each time we lift our fork or a piece of apple to our mouth we pause slightly and pay attention. And taste, really taste, and appreciate all that effort. Right? Are you with me on this one?


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