Sunshine 1 – Work 2

Like so many others I find the presence of the sun so incredibly nourishing and I love everything that follows in its wake. Never will I tire of freckles, picnics, sleeps in a garden erected tent, crisp white wine, late evenings around a fire pit and bare feet in cool grass. It was with a bit of wonder therefore that I found myself opting to return to my desk after a short lunch break in our garden the other day, as the sun was out for what seemed like the first time in years. Yes, years. (Objectively I know that is not true, but that is how it feels).

desk 1


I went inside to work! I went inside willingly. I went inside – not because I didn’t have a choice or because a big deadline was looming, but purely out of excitement about the kind of work I get to do at the moment. Planning workshops mixed with plenty of coaching sessions and steps to improve my NLP skills outscored the sun.

I tell you, better evidence for exactly how much I am nourished by what I do cannot be found. The sun outscored! Who would have thought?

How much do you get nourished by the way you spend your time or the kind of work you do?

{ps. the coach in me can of course not help saying that if you are not satisfied with your own answer, take some time out to consider what steps you can take to change it}


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