Evaporation of good intentions.

Perhaps it was the long awaited bursts of sunshine or the onset of a rather persistent tummy ache for my youngest cub or perhaps the re-introduction of going back to school routines that made all my good intentions about creating new habits evaporate into thin air. It didn’t take long, really. And although I know this from past experiences and past good intentions, it always seems, at the time of planning, so very implausible that it will happen again. But it does! Evaporation.


Through my work I know this to be true for most of us. And I also have a pretty good idea why. Changing unwanted habits or creating new ones require more than just good intentions. On a recent NLP course Neuroscientist {Patricia Riddle} offered a very useful metaphor. To demonstrate what happens in our brains, she said something along the line of this: “when you want to change a habit, it equates making the choice to follow a narrow path through dense forest instead of cruising in your car down a six lane wide motorway”.

What the metaphor suggests is that first choosing, and subsequently converting, your narrow path in to a wide motorway takes perseverance and a lot of repetition. The question is, what you can do to make it easier for yourself. This is the bit that I forgot to put in place {cough cough…. again}!

My next move therefore is to consider what strategies or structures will support my motorway construction. One of them, I already know. A simple, highly visible, post-it note to remind me to follow the narrow path even when the long awaited sun distracts me from my agenda or most unwelcome stomach aches persist and scrambles carefully made plans.


One thought on “Evaporation of good intentions.

  1. sounds a bit like our new year resolutions !, Who needs a post it when we have a Bonnie ! love you, and tks again for this little boost of will

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