An apple a day

I happen to live with someone who is EXTREMELY good at creating habits. And let me just straight away say, that it would be fairly easy to write a rather extensive post about how that ability and some of those habits can make me growl. Having said that, I cannot deny the evidence in favour of creating “healthy” habits for yourself and being a bit more of a “going with the flow” kind of person myself, I have recently started to wonder what difference it would make if I was to introduce or create more habits in my life.


There is a part of me that objects to the whole notion. Perhaps it is the part that thinks there are already plenty of habits in our life as it is, like sending the kids to school every day, preparing and eating 3 meals a day, the brushing of teeth morning and night. Another part of me recognises that the cumulative effect of habits create the most profound results. That what we do moment by moment adds up over time. What we eat meal by meal, what we do with our bodies day by day or with our brains hour by hour.

So I am thinking it is time to test this. I am thinking 3 new “healthy” habits over the next 3 months. Nothing radical, nothing heroic, nothing that requires masses of will power. No, just small actions that I know will make a difference if I do them regularly. A bit like the old saying “an apple a day……”

How about you? What habits would you choose to create to build up positive incremental change in your life?


One thought on “An apple a day

  1. One habit I implemented à few years ago : preparing the children’s clothes the night before…saved me desperately Looking for a missing item in the morning and getting upset, starting to shout because time is short…..
    I am not overly keen on too much routine…..but this one brought à bit of peace!

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