Setting intent


Rapidly approaching another weekend I feel like sharing the idea of setting intent. It is a simple but very powerful “tool”, which requires no preparation and less than a minute’s attention to work.

When you set an intent, it steers you in a certain direction. It guides your attention and your behaviour in a certain way. Let’s say for example that your weekend ahead is packed full of boring stuff that needs doing. You can set your intent to be “efficient and cheerful” as you go about doing what needs doing, or perhaps “patient and compassionate”. If your weekend ahead involves being with lots of people, you may want to set an intent to be “present, grounded and welcoming” or if your weekend looks rather bland, perhaps you want to set your intent to “be creative, light-hearted and impulsive”.

Of course this little tool doesn’t just work for weekends! Use it anywhere and anytime. Set your intent for your day when you wake up in the morning, before you go into a meeting, join a party, or before getting on the train.

Try it out. Perhaps start by setting your intent for the rest of today. Then set your intent for the weekend. And if you feel like it, come back and  share how you got on.

{The bird lavender bag came from here}


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