Doing + Being


So many of us have been brought up to believe that we must do, do, do in order to achieve, be successful or to create or learn or be productive. Hardly any value is given to being. “Being”, we have been taught, equals laziness. So if you were the kind of kid who liked to daydream while tracing a pattern in a sand dune, make up stories about flying seahorses and ill-tempered trolls with coarse hair and testing what it is like to sing your favourite tune at top volume hanging upside down from a tree branch, you should by now – as a responsible adult in a civilised western world – have come to fully realise that that sort of behaviour is a waste of valuable time. Unless you get paid for it of course, in which case we may indulge you a bit!

Doing, doing, doing often ends up lacking meaning, leaving us with a sense of misalignment or incongruence. It goes along the lines of “I know I should feel happy or at least content, but I just don’t”. And then the conclusion: “There must be something wrong with me”.

But nothing is wrong with you. It is just that it is in the “being” we learn about who we are, what really matters, what we care about and what we truly love. It is in the being we can listen to our intuition and all the little voices that are trying desperately to tell us the really important stuff. The stuff that comes from your core. However, if we don’t stop and listen, if we just keep doing, doing, doing, well then……

It has taken me a long time and a lot of feeling misaligned to realise that “being” is as important as “doing”. And it is probably going to take me some years still to find the ideal split {doing is not THAT keen on sharing}, but that is ok. I am heading in the right direction and am loving the amazing impact it has to combine the two. Doing and being. Being and doing.

Are yours good at sharing?


2 thoughts on “Doing + Being

  1. Lovely photo….mine has not bloomed yet!!!!
    as for your thoughts…..well I am afraid I am quite unbalanced…and very “in doing”….and I fully understand the “I should be happy but….” I am learning to accept first……as for changes…..

    • Thank you. A good friend of mine took this photo. She has the most amazing ability to make little everyday objects look stunning.

      Reading the second part of your comment, I wonder which words you would use to fill in the spaces in your last sentence? To accept first…… and as for changes……?

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