Predicting a good week

IMG_0711 IMG_0718

Mornings like this. Invaluable. Waking up having slept {almost} the number of hours my body prefers, light streaming through curtains, 2 pyjamas clad, eye rubbing kids making their way under my duvet, mumbling little fragments of last night’s dreams and feeling excited about the week ahead. There is going to be coaching sessions and workshop preparations, dressing up and play dates, “granny group” and farmers market and website updating and meeting people for the first time and a whole lot of other good stuff. It is going to be a good one. I just know it. And partly because I enjoy being right, I will do my very best to help it along by paying attention to all the little things. Like the fact that it is March, spring is here and light once again finds its way through curtains.

How do you intent your week to be?


One thought on “Predicting a good week

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