Career advising printer magic


There was a lot of laughter around the table the other day when some were reminded, and I learned, that here in the UK career guidance once consisted of students filling in a form and in return a dot-matrix printer would screech out 3 suitable occupations to pursue. I don’t recall having a magic printer like that in Denmark where I grew up, but vaguely remember having a career advise session with a big bearded history teacher clad in beige and brown and sensible soft sole shoes. Brown shoes, of course. He gave me two options. Two very beige and brown options. None of which left me feeling particular hopeful, invigorated or excited about my future. Oh well, if only we all had had access to a magic printer!

Jokes aside, I now am absolutely certain that it is the feeling of excitement that is the key when choosing a career or occupation. Instead of boxing students (or anyone) in, the questions that need to be asked are “what really excites you?” or “what would you chose to do, if money didn’t matter?” Then all we got to do is follow the clues. Explore how to make that real or how to do more of what excites us, more of the time. Just imagine the kind of joy that would bring. People doing more of what they love, more of the time.

I count myself lucky to know several people who have made that discovery and are pursuing what really excites them. Some of them are part of this {ad}venture. And just to prove my point, I would like you to meet one of them. This person decided to take her love and passion for photography serious, recently changed it from being a hobby to a job and just look at the results: Lemonyellowphotography.

Not many days ago Cathy turned up at my doorstep with her camera bag and the words “never mind me, you go and work and I will have a little play in your house”. The language really says it all. She then makes my bathroom sink plug and soap bar look stunning. A plug! A person who can do that has a real gift. Imagine what a loss, what a waste of talent it would have been if she hadn’t decided to take that passion of hers serious. And she describes it as play. As said, the language really says it all. Just as well as the stunning photos.


Now back to you. Do you know what excites you? Are you doing what excites you? Do you want to do more of it, more of the time?

{Ps. Photos in this post and yesterdays post are by Cathy. More of her beautiful photos will be popping up here going forward. Look out for the lemonyellow watermark.}


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