Behind schedule

This weekend just gone offered me an opportunity to catch up with someone I greatly admire. Someone I consider a mentor. An exceptionally, extraordinary, extra special mentor. Years ago he introduced me to the concept of baseline states. That came to be one of those Aha moments experienced from time to time in life. Now, Aha moments are mostly defined as moments of clarity, moments where you gain real wisdom. This one was more like one of those moments where you just know something has been set in motion and it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into ignoring it, it will still be there the next morning when you wake up. And the next. And the next. So eventually you decide to stop ignoring and instead take a closer look. Did I feel like I had gained some kind of wisdom? No, definitely not. Not at the time anyway.


Let me explain what is meant by baseline state.

At any point in time, we can all be said to be in a state. If asked, we would perhaps express our state in terms of how we are physically or how we feel emotional or mentally. States, as you are probably very well aware, are not constant. They fluctuate and shift all the time. Your baseline state refers to the state you feel most familiar with, the state you spend the most time in, where you hang out the most, so to speak.

Have you thought about your baseline state? How would you describe it? Is it how you want it to be? Is it as resourceful as you wish for it to be?  Is it a “cool” place to hang out most of the time?

Back then, by paying attention to baseline state, I realised just how much I disliked mine and it was quite unsettling {to put it mildly} to realise how long I had had it as a loyal companion. I imagine it can be compared to realising your very “bestest” and oldest and most trusted friend really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. As I said, a quite unsettling discovery,  ‘cos how are you suppose to turn that around, heh? To change where you hang out most of the time, to dress up a sheep in wolf’s clothing?

To continue with another phrase, it is fortunately water under the bridge. I decided then that something –  correction – a lot of things – had to change. And it has. I really like where I hang out most of the time now. Step by step by {bloody} step I got there with the support of extra special mentors and extra special coaches and extra special friends and extra special people closest to my heart. And it has been so worth it. My delayed Aha wisdom.


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