Coconut alert


Watching BBC’s stunning Africa program with the kids tonight sent me thousands of miles from home re-living some of the most thrilling and out-of-this-world experiences I had when I ventured on adventure holidays to Vietnam, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana. The detail of the memories, the sounds, the smells, the sights, the spine tingling mixed with other sensations of pure and utterly unbelievable enjoyment in my body. Being wrapped in a slightly itching blanket, watching flocks of wild animals gathering around a water hole in the dusk, climbing to the top of on an endless sand dune as the sun rises, sleeping on copper coloured, warm rocks under a dark, dark sky where stars are fighting for their right to shine the brightest, wobbling on a bamboo raft under a gushing shower made by a waterfall, giggling at a sign reading “watch out for falling coconuts”, tasting unknown exotic fruits and snake and crocodile and being dared to eat silkworms and saying why not!


Returning eventually and slightly dazed to the sofa, I look at my kids spellbound by a frog and then a butterfly fish making a narrow escape, I consider how to bring more wonder and adventure in to our daily life and decide that perhaps we ought to start by breaking more rules. The self imposed ones, the ones we for strange reasons think we have to follow and the ones made by us as a society. Elephant rides don’t come with seat belts, beaches don’t always have flags to say it is safe to swim, it is FUN to stand on the back of a truck with wind whipping your hair in to your eyes, cows sometimes like to mingle and don’t always live behind fences and neither do amber eyed monkeys, more than 5 people can ride on one bike, bananas don’t grow in to plastic bags, food may contain more than a few bugs and be cooked by people who live in a jungle and own pigs and always have bare feet and couldn’t care less about washing their hands.

And here I am, still alive, with a big smile on my face remembering some of the best times I have ever had. So perhaps we should just relax a bit with all these rules.Or “chillax” as we like to call it. Cos’ we live on the edge and like to break the rules. Ha!

By the way {in case you were wondering} silkworms do not have much flavour.


2 thoughts on “Coconut alert

  1. Bonnie, what I love about reading your posts is that you have such a wonderful writing style. For a good minute I was swept away to the tropics imagining myself under a waterfall! I too need to relax a bit and have more adventures with my little one. Thanks for the reminder. xD

    • Thank you for your feedback on my writing. I’m glad it swept you away as nothing beats going to the tropics in the middle of winter. Even if it is just for a minute or so. Bx

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