I am always inspired by and in awe of people who make the most of every day. People who authentically notice and treasure the little things, find or create their own magic everywhere, turn ordinary days into extra-ordinary days. People like that seem to experience life through some bright magnificent lens allowing them to see, really see, and really feel all the good around them. In the moment. Right here and right now. I am truly fascinated by that lens and the kind of energy that follows it. It is the kind that seems effortless and light as a summer cloud but so very, very dynamic and bursting. Bursting with life and warmth and fun and cheek hurting smiles.


Fortunately {according to my book about life} it is possible to create your own lens. Not in a “happy-clappy-let’s-pretend-everything-is-great” kind of way but genuinely, step by step, over time and with practise. I am shaping my lens. Adjusting. Polishing. Fine-tuning. My lens is evolving. And fortunately there are some people who fits that portrayal in my life already and whenever I am with them or lucky enough to cross paths with others, I pay attention, I listen, I learn. I adjust. I polish and I fine-tune. That lens of mine.

Are you looking out for yours?


10 thoughts on “Lenses

  1. Hi Bonnie,
    You wrote: “People like that seem to experience life through some bright magnificent lens allowing them to see, really see, and really feel all the good around them.”

    I am challenged around feeling the good around me in it’s entirety, because I absorb or happen to notice alot of dark in the word (hope to speak or respond to some of it), but it has killed off a good amount of my ability to see the beauty. Check out my blog for more proof, I recommend starting with my first entry.

    But, I love children? I love my parents (as people), I have managed to keep a few authentic friends, I love watching film and all types of art? Those things are magic to me? But the day in day out magic about in the world, I miss alot of I think. I live in NY, that’s part of the problem. Lol.

    By the way, very nice post and thanks for asking. :))

    • I think I can relate well to what you are describing. I have this big question on my mind about how to “hold” and treasure all the good, when there is so much bad. The bad sometimes feels overwhelming and thereby erodes the good. If, or lets say when, I get some clarity or answers to that one, I will def. share it here. Thanks for the follow. Nice to have you here.

      • You got it Bonnie, and do share if you get answers to that one. Trying to figure out how to balance it too, but not sure I’m doing that great a job. Have a lovely day. xo

  2. I love this, Bonnie. Your posts often give me goosebumps because they seem to touch something I feel deeply … and this one touches me especially as it captures something of how I feel about photography. (I know you don’t literally mean lenses, but for me, the photographic lens helps me see, and feel, life in a different way). Thank you 🙂

    • Now I just got goosebumps. Joyful ones that is. Thank you so much for your comment, Cathy. Your words mean a lot to me and I am so pleased that you found your kind of lenses.

  3. I absolutely love your analogy Bonnie. I find that I also need to adjust my lens at times. I make it a point to think happy grateful thoughts when I’m not feeling it which works for me most of the time. Great post. xD

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