Be more “self-indulgent”, please.


It is so very easy to be busy all the time. So busy that it becomes so very easy to forget to do the things that energize us, make us smile, make us ready for the next day or our next challenge. Why do a lot of us delete first the things that give us most pleasure? Why not delete some of the mundane first? The sun would still rise, wouldn’t it? So is it because we learned that looking after ourselves is selfish and self-indulgent, do we perhaps imagine catastrophic consequences if we eased up a bit or do we simply forget to stop and take stock over the choices we make?

The belief that “life is a struggle” can be formed at an early age and then often becomes self-fulfilling. Or how about “you must work hard to get somewhere in life”. Does that have a familiar ring to you? Do you believe it to be true?

Cracking the whip over mums’ already tense shoulders {especially mums of very young kids} is often feelings of guilt. How can I as a mum even consider taking a shower, when I should be making five-veg-puree, teach sign-language and practise correct pencil grip? Says who? Do you ever question if you are imposing some harsh rules on yourself?

Every day I practise getting better at filling my “wheelbarrow” {aka my life} with more and more things I enjoy, things that nourishes me and motivates me. And hence make me smile {and more efficient} . Which in turn make people that matter to me, smile.

Perhaps go back and read that last sentence again.

On the 21st of January, I am hosting a free seminar and speaking to women about how to become more resourceful by looking after you and how to live a more fulfilling daily life. If you are near Guildford, you may want to come along. More information can be found here.

Until then, all I would like to say is “be a bit self-indulgent over Christmas, will you? Please!!”


4 thoughts on “Be more “self-indulgent”, please.

    • Thanks you so much for taking the time to leave comments. It makes writing these posts worth while and I makes me want to promise to do my best writing new ones – especially if they help with keeping on track. All the best, B

  1. “you must work hard”… parents motto to my brother and myself when we were children……i am so much struggling to not live my entire life that way…….
    Indulging oneself…..looks / sounds so easy….I wish it was!

    • I am really sorry to hear you are struggling. It is tough when it becomes a universal “rule”. I think I have applied it for a long time as well, but have over time learned to relax and bend it. I hope you keep practising and that you will find it becomes easier for you. Bonnie

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