The softest kind of day

School is closed today. What a treat. Lazy breakfast with plenty of candles lit and burning logs humming in the background. Sarah Dawn Finer’s Winterland album playing and no other plans than wrapping presents and writing cards to family members far away, a stop at a favourite garden centre and a visit to town in the dusk to admire the Christmas lights, joining the crowds in the post office for a while and on to searching for the kind of present that will make special someone’s go ohh and ahh.


Hot chocolate and star shaped biscuits  may come in to the picture as well and there is a project involving twigs that I may turn my attention to. And while the youngest one is playing with her much cared for friend and the older one is fully absorbed in either another chapter of Harry Potter or a gigantic heap of Lego, I may just sneak in a few minutes of turning colourful wool into something soft to warm someone special.

No doubt today is going to be the kind of day I want to tuck gently into my wheelbarrow.

What are you hoping to tuck in to yours?


2 thoughts on “The softest kind of day

  1. “no other plans than” ….wrapping presents, writing cards, a trip to a garden centre, to town, to the post office, knitting, an arty project – sounds like a busy day to me! I am impressed that a full day like this seems such a soft relaxing day to you! I’m exhausted just thinking about all of those things! I aspire to your calm centred approach to life Bonnie x

    • M, it is now one week later and I can tell you the twigs are still in a bag untouched and I only managed a few minutes of knitting. Also, the end of that particular day got more rushed than planned, because I forgot about brownies. But all in all it was a very good day and sometimes just having that as an intent in the morning is extremely useful. Hope all is well with you and the house move. Bx

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