Savouring the moment

Today I will mostly be savouring my son’s quiet, very gentle and lengthy morning hug, which allowed me to notice how magically one part of his soft skin was cool against my cheek and another part warm. It was the kind of hug that lingered long enough for me rediscover that tiny pulsation in his neck that I spent so much time watching in wonder when he was my little baby. I noticed how his head still fits “just so” in to the space between my head and my shoulder when he was standing on the second step of our staircase and crossed my fingers that hugs like these will keep coming my way – even when he no longer need to stand on that second step up to melt in to that perfect space between my head and my shoulder.


2 thoughts on “Savouring the moment

  1. E njoy now as soon enough you will be the one standing on that little step just so you can reach that little space between his ear and his shoulder to give him that kiss that makes him still your baby !!!

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