Keen to be in a better place?

Will it surprise you if I tell you that I have a coach, whom I have regular coaching sessions with and who lives in New Zealand? Our conversation earlier today began with a smile inducing Good Morning/Good evening greeting. My smile stretched further as I found myself turning the heating up at exactly the same time Martin was telling me how much he is looking forward to their imminent summer.

One of the topics I am currently focusing on in our sessions has to do with how I deal with set-backs. In my work life I sometimes find myself spending an unreasonable long amount of time getting back on track when things aren’t going my way. I really truly have got much better things to do and find it utterly wasteful to hang about in un-resourceful states; hence it is something I am very keen to change. So in today’s session there was both exploration and “plotting” and I was gratified with much more clarity about what needs to be placed in my “wheelbarrow” to make the change happen, to get myself back on track. Martin and I will be following up on this topic in our next session. Stay tuned for an update and a few ideas that may work well for you as well.

Speaking of you. Do you know how to catch yourself when heading towards on-going un-resourceful states? And are you aware of what helps you when you want to bring yourself back to e.g. a happier, lighter, calmer, more productive way of being? Please share your thoughts. I would love to hear them.

Photos courtesy of Sam, big fan of Star wars, age 9.


One thought on “Keen to be in a better place?

  1. hello there! i found your blog through byw fb. i love your photos complementing the text! also i have a star wars child, too, so it fits. happy for you that your coach is helping. letting go and moving on are important skills. for me, exercise brings calm. i love to run outside and get lost in the scenery. joy to you, n

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