Pay it forward

Lately the expression “pay it forward” has been popping in to my head. I don’t know what has caused it, but I do enjoy this kind of seemingly random reminder of something that is worth more of my attention. Well, not just my attention. All of us, really.

For me the time has come to place the concept in my conscious awareness and make sure that I not only pay backward but much more deliberately forward. And I think the time has also come to share the idea more explicitly with my kids. And with you of course.

Although it sounds like quite an unselfish act, in reality it isn’t, as doing good for others often alters our state and makes us feel a little extra proud. Makes us feel extra good about ourselves. Pure win/win scenario.The kind that creates positive ripple effects.The best kind of scenario. Ever.

{Wikipedia: pay it forward” is used to describe the concept of asking the beneficiary of a good deed to repay it to others instead of to the original benefactor.}


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