The Life Balance Wheel

The life balance wheel was the model that really sparked my interest for coaching. Despite scoring an overwhelming number of categories low, I can still recall the bubbling excitement I felt when I first came across it about 6 years ago. The beauty of it for me lies in its simplicity and its ability to let us see the big picture. This in turn allows us to make clear and more ambitious choices. Allows us to take action where it matters most. I often use this one with my coaching clients and today I thought I would share it with you.  Here is how it works:

Draw a circle and divide it into 8 areas, which you label with key areas representing your life. Above is an example of common labels. For each of the areas, ask yourself, “How satisfied am I in this area of my life right now?”(Please bear in mind that this wheel only represent a specific moment in time and that you might draw it differently tomorrow or next week.) Give each area a score from one to ten to that level of satisfaction. One is low; ten high. Imagine the centre of the wheel is 0 and the outer edge is 10, and then draw a line in each segment that represents your value.Done? Ok, good. This new perimeter now represents your wheel. Now ask yourself this:

  1. What stands out?
  2. How bumpy or smooth is your ride?
  3. What do you like about your wheel?
  4. Which segments are too small?
  5. How would changing one or two segments impact the other areas of your life?
  6. Which segment (if you were to increase its value) would enhance the other segments the most?

What do you think? Do you enjoy doing exercises like this every now and again? Personally, I like re-visiting the one I created those 6 years ago and comparing it with a more current one. Oh how my wheel’s changed. No doubt for the better. Definitely, for the better. And that’s the reason I really fell in love with coaching – it helped me get clarity and move forward, in just the right direction for me. But that’s a whole other story for another day.


9 thoughts on “The Life Balance Wheel

  1. Thanks for stopping at my site because so I had now the chance to discover your place! And alisongibb is so right: Your blog is bl***y useful!
    Eva (via BYW)

  2. Thank you for sharing! I need to work on a few inner slices of my wheel~
    This was helpful…always evolving Ella ;D
    Hi, nice to meet you! I’m in BYW class~

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